Do you feel completely alive today?


How can you build your courage so that you can start to meet life head on, and live from your greatest truth


In this class, we'll discuss and develop strategies for you to GET UNBOUND via group telephone and online meetings and in our one-on-one coaching sessions!


Learn ways to restore your energy, receive a supportive network full of wise and kindred spirits, and start to move past your own limitations!


For just a second, imagine today as the new opportunity that it really is!


We are all hearing a lot about trauma and PTSD these days. However, what exactly is it? As Jo defines, "Trauma is any experience that overwhelms the body's nervous system, creates changes in the brain, and leaves the person unable to cope day to day. Trauma is also any life event that comes as a shock to one's previous experience and that shakes one's core belief system about oneself and the world. " 

Trauma and PTSD is nothing to be ashamed about! Guidance and the support of community are required in order to move forward and improve upon your total life experience, so that it doesn't turn into an endless cycle of trauma drama. Learn to GET UNBOUND with us by attending this online conference with my colleagues and me!



Even if the traumatic event is not a stand-out event, that you or other people might gasp at, small-yet-significant experiences that have impacted your life eventually begin to take their toll if they are not given the attention they deserve.


A great deal of healing occurs when you work with people who are experts in their chosen fields with the intention of building awareness and a refined action plan that is specific to your needs and goals!


If you are unsure of the goals that are specifically required in order to initiate and continue your healing process then we will help you identify and expand them in order to best serve you!


In this program, we will give you the support to break through the struggle caused by uninvestigated life experiences.


Sometimes, all it takes is exploration with the right community in order to learn how to flourish and thrive!


Over the course of this program, you will receive tools and exercises within your conquer trauma drama textbook that we will explore during class time, in order to build a new set of life skills for you, plus fresh ideas on how to best handle the side effects specific to your experience. 


My name is Jo Standing and I am the founder of the Trauma Drama Coaching school! 


When I first began my journey of reclaiming my life after trauma, and leading a life that is unbound by my traumatic life experiences, I had absolutely NO IDEA of who to turn to in order to help myself begin to heal and become empowered by my experiences instead of limited by them.


Thankfully, after my personal struggle to survive the post-trauma pain, I met mentors who introduced me to books, classes, workshops, formal education, and travel that nurtured me and led me to my best solutions unique to my experiences in life.


I learned that not only was determination required of me, but I needed an incredible support network in order to move through even the toughest of moments!


I then began to THRIVE in my life and I now have the great HONOR to serve people who are ready to GO DEEP and realize the POTENTIAL for GREATNESS within life!

My search turned into a 10+ year journey to uncover the lessons of my life experiences with the assistance of reflection, attending more and more classes, workshops, and certification programs with the guidance of master healers, thought leaders, and visionaries throughout the United States and Canada. In fact, I continue to learn, expand, and grow today so that I may more fully realize my potential each step of the way, and that is what I want you to do in this 7 week program!


This resilience program is designed to assist you in the shift from victim to victor.


My team and I have over 50 years of combined trainings, studies, and sharing of our expertise through teaching, coaching, and service with each of our vast and dynamic communities . . . 


This program makes it possible to learn from world class teachers and leaders who can help Y O U accumulate the knowledge of powerful new ways of living your life! Love, Jo." 



 #1 - 14 interactive classes: each session is 90 minutes long. Class occurs twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Hawaii time, that's 5PM PST, 8PM EST. Class is recorded each time and made available to you within 24 hours after the class time.


#2 -  Live interaction with the coaches during our Q&A portion of each class PLUS the ability to email up to (2) private questions to the coach after each online group session.


#3 – A copy of Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back in paperback! And, a copy of Conquer Trauma Drama: The Workbook.


#4 - 1-on-1 Coaching time with our lead resilience coach, Jo Standing.


#5 - Complimentary bonus materials from our Contributing Guest Coaches!



PS) With 50+ years of combined experience among us, my team and I are here to share an unparalleled journey with you!

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